The Rivers State Judiciary birthed on the 27th of May, 1967 when General Yakubu Gowon (then head of state) created Rivers State as one of the twelve States, consequently, three State Judiciaries emerged out of the Judiciary of the defunct Eastern Region of Nigeria. These three State Judiciaries were namely; East Central State, Cross Rivers State and Rivers State Judiciaries.

The Rivers State Judicial Heritage
The Rivers State Judicial heritage is that of the English Common-law of England and its Court of Equity, law, chancery and admiralty, are the foundations on which the Rivers state Judiciary(indeed, the Nigerian Judiciary) was built and evolves.

Early Landmarks
On September 1, 1970, the (then) Military Governor of Rivers state, Commander Alfred Diete-Spiff appointed Honourable Justice (Sir) Michael Holden as the first Chief Justice (as Chief Judges were called) of Rivers State. The first Judicial divisions of the Rivers State Judiciary were viz; Port Harcourt Judicial Division,  Ahoada Judicial division, Bori Judicial division and Degema Judicial division. The following were the early Judges of the High Court of Rivers State namely; the Honourable Mr. Justice A.E. Allagoa, the Honourable Mr. Justice Opubo Inko-Tariah, the Honourable Mr. Justice D.G. Douglas and the Honourable Mr. Justice S.A. Wari-Ogosu.

The present position
At present, the Rivers State Judiciary has two arms, viz; the High Court and the Customary Court of Appeal. The High Court comprises the High Courts of Justice, Magistrates’ Courts, the Juveniles Court, the Revenue Courts, the Sanitation Courts,Mobile Courts and the Ports Related Offences Courts. The Juvenile Courts, Revenue Courts Sanitation Courts,Mobile Courts and the Ports Related Offences Courts are presided over by professional Magistrates. On the other  hand, the Customary Court of Appeal consists of the Customary Court of Appeal and the Customary Courts. The Judiciary of Rivers State is headed by the Chief Judge of the State







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